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Knowing Your Identity

with Dr. Eric T. Merriweather

Have you been abused in the past? 
Has that abuse caused you to question your self worth, your future, or even your sexuality?
You’re not alone.
You're Not Alone.

Eric T. Merriweather

I have compassion for people.  I want to be that beacon of light that gives all individuals hope  that tomorrow will be greater than today.  We all have struggles in life and how we respond to them will always determine our outcome.  As an author I would like for all individuals to learn their true identity.  I believe in knowing your truth versus your interpretation of life based on past experiences.  I have gone through a lot of tragedies that have left me bruised both mentally and physically.  I had to finally decide whether I was a victim of abuse, molestation and rape or a survivor with the ability to help others understand that we cannot control what others do but we can certainly control  how victorious we are.  I have learned to value who I am.  I love helping others  see their light so that they can conquer the world.  In essence, I am here to do what I have been assigned to do by God.  I am here to be a blessing to others.  REMEMBER YOUR TRAGEDIES ARE YOUR TRIUMPHS.  


This review is from: Knowing Your Identity Through Christ (Perfect Paperback). I just wanted to say thank you for being honest about your life and what you were exposed to and this will truly help me and many others to free themselves from all the darkness of their past.


God Bless you.

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