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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Just a name and a face or a person of incredible value?


Throughout the pages of this book, I’m going to share my testimony of how I found my identity in Christ. My hope is to help you open your eyes to God’s mirror for you, for all of us as Christians. Our Maker has a beautiful image of who he wants us to be, and all we need to do is look. Though I learned it the hard way, my goal is for you to recognize who you are in Christ—the identity that God created each of his children to possess.


More often than not, a person’s identity is shaped by individual experiences. That is why I share this memoir of my life and my transformation in Christ. What you are about to read may be difficult to digest and perhaps you’ll wonder how God could work out all the messy details, but He did. No matter how far I strayed, his love was firm and everlasting. Embrace the adventure of a wandering misguided and troubled heart whose desire was to find the peace that passes all understanding; a peace that would reveal the man I am today and authenticate the true identity that God created in me.

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